Keyword Outline for Landing Pages

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Hey there. The focus for this week is to get 3 different landing pages put together.

  1. One focused on small business owners,
  2. one for not for profits,
  3. and one for private corporations.

Important Links:

  • Big Box Brand
  • Personal Brand

The goal is…

“I would say no more than 600 words per page” ā€” Blixa M.

Focusing on highlighting the main benefits, so there should be a lot of:

  • bullet points
  • features
  • that kind of thing

To have each page tuned to that specific audience so that when I drive traffic there, they will read 3 examples on how Johnny can solve their current problems and also read some testimonials applicable to them.

What do I need to get you so that you can help flesh them out?

Okay, I read you. So the solution/offer is centered in “business booking and tax preparation” or are there other keywords to use for Johnny’s services in these pages?

  • Bookkeeping and tax preparation
  • … more to come (šŸ§žšŸ§™ā€ā™‚ļø)

Yes I will get them to you soon. For now get a general content outline

Okay, sounds good. And where am I able to source the testimonial content from? Just the YouTube videos we have right now?

Use that for now

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