Grandpa Perkins’ 88th B-day

I’m looking for my mission as a communications technology specialist, person in recovery, writer, and marketer.

A timely workshop by my Sponsor who doesn't know he's my Sponsor

Amplifying the voice of addiction professionals!

Not a one-size fits all approach to wellness and fulfillment.

Can I offer my writing and digital marketing services to addiction recovery professionals, specifically,? Can this be my niche?

  • Do I want to continue pursuing digital marketing, web design, communication/information technology, and copywriting as a career to support my livelihood?
  • How can I work for the kinds of people that present at the Friendly Circle Berlin recovery workshops?
  • Can I connect my purpose for spiritual awakening, emoitonal sobriety, learning and education, reflective writing, self-discovery, technology, and all the other creative passions for service?
  • Who do I most want to serve for the ripple offer of the impact their work might have on others?

Enemies: The mass-marketing templates, AI generated writing and content creation tools, profit-motivated web agencies, outsourced copywriters with generic processes, and “funnel hackers”.

Automation tools aren’t the problem, in fact they are essential for many online communication services (event registration, purchasing a product, submitting a personal request for more information).

The personal voice ad character qualities can get lost in the endless pursuit of speed, mass distribution tactics, and competition for attention. An emphasis on clicks, sign-ups, purchases, and followers looses sight of the true intent of communication (much like public speaking).

Let’s bring the humanity front and center to human development!

Marketing should be more human, not less.

  • Authentic
  • Ethical
  • Compassionate
  • Personal
  • Direct

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