Colton, as an Avatar

I’m using the Avatar Profile Wizard as part of the Content Marketing Scripts online subscription I have to redefine my own stage of this journey in life.

Some hearty pasta I made for myself and Dave tonight

My avatar’s name is Colton in Recovery.

Colton dreams of becoming a spiritually awakened man.

Currently, Colton’s focus is on living in authenticity and building conscious relationships.

Ultimately, Colton really wants to live life in honesty and integrity to uphold his deepest values and grow in partnership with a woman who is beautiful, intelligent, and creatively stimulating.

Right this minute, Colton would be ecstatic if he could connect with others who are prioritizing healing and spiritual growth, open a channel of communication between himself and The Universe, and discover a plan for his life that offers abundant sources of love and fulfillment.

Unfortunately, Colton still needs to figure out how to clean up his past and make amends for any harm he may have caused through his immaturity, work with trusted mentors who can guide him on the journey of spiritual healing, and support himself financially, physically, and emotionally while Recovery is a top priority.

Colton is also really frustrated by the fact that he can sometimes feel isolated and distant from other people, negative thoughts and judgements continue to invade him throughout the day, he still feels attachments and aversions that influence his attitude and behaviors.

Plus, he still feels he needs to get the answers to these questions before he can move forward:

  • How will he know when he’s in alignment with God and/or The Universe?
  • Who can help him and who is he being called to help?
  • What thoughts, limiting beliefs, and behaviors are holding him back from living at his highest potential?

Colton is also still hung up on the idea that he doesn’t have purpose or people to connect with very often, there’s nothing of value that he can offer to other people sustainably, and men’s healing work is not particularly popular or appreciated.

In fact, he feels like toxic male role models actually don’t want him to succeed with living in authenticity or building conscious relationships.

When all is said and done, Colton just wants to relate intentionally with others, trust in his inner goodness, and share and express his love unapologetically.

To help Colton, I would invite him to step into energetic balance and recover his inherent value as a man. He can do all of this without fumbling in the dark alone or trying to connect with the “perfect” community or teacher.

Cultivating a spiritual connection in mindful masculinity doesn’t have to be a solo pilgrimage into distant lands!

If Colton wants to work intentionally through barriers and opportunities toward masculine healing, break away from old patterns of belief and behavior that are no longer serving him, and grow by learning to accept help and be of help alongside others on this journey, then Recovery is definitely for him.

I promise to support him on “The quest for conscious masculinity through sobriety.”

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