At a certain point, I must let go

In this whole blog writing schtick of mine, can I really engage in the practice when I’m allow my expectations to run rampant?

Just showing up for myself today

December 7th, 9:20 am (honestly, I should trust the WordPress content management system enough to manage the date and time stamping for me).

Yes, I’ve started a new blog (might as well be blog project #628). I have experience starting blogs and I have experience writing blogs.

But, do I have the experience of holding absolute faith in a blog project?? Do I have the experience of letting go of most of the control regarding the blog website, leaving myself to the task of creating content to populate the website?

Don’t I possess an extreme enthusiasm for creating and publishing content? Isn’t that the core driver of my magnetism to initiating these blog projects in the first place (and repeatedly)?

Relinquishing my self-determined objectives:

  • For setting it all up “perfectly”
  • Developing and adopting my supreme publishing system; my masterpiece
  • Bundling the “right” set of tools and applications together for cost effectiveness and impact maximization
  • To preserve every morsel of material I’ve generated, pristinely preserved and transferable
  • Search Engine Optimization, or any technical / mechanical optimization efforts at all
  • Without depending upon multiple layers of redundant backups (trusting the site hosting service to house all my shit)

Can I please set it all aside??

Do I have the experience of letting go of my expectations for full feature-sets with unlimited customizability and integration options?

Do I have the experience of writing freely to unleash the contents of my mind onto the screen?

Can I let go of all outcomes for “doing the work” centered around the possibility of celebrity, digital business acumen, or even a modest stroke of credibility?

Had to Google it just to be sure… another control thing

Can I just show up and write the damn thing?

  • Snap a photo to share, or maybe find an image that resonates with my present intention
  • Be courageous if I feel the need to include the work of another creator; mindfully citing and linking to their source materially as best I can
  • Show up when I show up — that is the ideal intention
  • Contribute to this project as an avocation, without a destination, but with an orientation of whimsical self-expression
  • Accept the truth of impermanence (it could all be gone in an instant… I’m still here AND I’ve done the work)

Hey, look! You’re doing it bud 🌜

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