A Set Aside Prayer for Any Practice

When I attended Herb Kaighan’s Big Book study workshop on Prayer & Meditation last night, I found a useful way to repurpose this prayer for any practice!

One of Herb’s slides I took note of as an adaptable version of the Set Aside



PLEASE … Set Aside … everything that I think I know about:

  • myself,
  • this [practice],
  • [the subject of the practice],
  • and YOU;

for an open mind and a NEW experience:

  • with myself
  • this [practice],
  • [the subject of the practice],
  • … and especially YOU!

Let’s look at a few sets of Practices + Subjects I could regularly apply this prayer to

  • this yoga class ~ the mind/body connection
  • this meal prep session ~ the art of cooking
  • this blog post ~ my writing process
  • this time for reading ~ Noah Levine’s writing
  • this trip with Ivanna ~ my romantic relationship

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