10 Commandments for my Blog

A new personal website and blog project with renewed attitude, in the spirit of commitment!

Where I wrote this post (it's even on the paper there!)

In the spirit of the Set Aside prayer, here is a suggested list for “managing” my work on this blog:

  1. Offer myself writing time as often as I feel called to – Try for at least once per day.
  2. I might initially generate the content at a secondary destination (Notebook, word processing software, note app on my smartphone, voice transcription tool), but the production environment ought to equal the publication environment, i.e., the WordPress CMS – No backup folders necessary!
  3. Snap a photo of something I’ve encountered today, even if it’s just a selfie or landscape of my setting, being mindful of basic image size optimizations: 16×9 aspect ratio; max width =1200 pixels; compression as JPEG; text caption; etc.
  4. Publish with an attitude of surrendering the outcome and the details for the creative process – Let go and let God.
  5. While I might use previously generated materials to include as blog posts, I should by no means attempt to migrate existing collections from past projects onto this site.
  6. The inherent set of blocks and formatting options I have available are sufficient to get the message across with “good enough” emphasis modalities – The rabbit holes of feature sets and styling tools are too vast to satisfy my desires for the ideal display.
  7. Release the need to define and catalog system processes and specifications here… Oh, wait a minute…
  8. No need to rework published materials – Let them serve as historical records to preserve their initial integrity.
  9. If all else fails and if I abandon this project, I can always capture screenshots of the post collection and move on.
  10. This is not a business or community-building project. There are no intended outcomes.

There. Now, doesn’t that feel better already?

Release and renew, one day at a time.

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